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This is a seven hour and 14 minute audiobook about one

LINCOLN. There are nearly 22,000 Abraham Lincoln books clickable at Amazon including the most peculiar Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, which turns the Great Emancipator into the Great Decapitator. To this tsunami of Lincoln lit, please add Todd Brewster’s detailed reporting, […]

Technology: Characters that got their powers from technology

Mute/Stopspell and Sleep were two very handy spells taken from them. The bad news? Your enemies can also use them. The Ax Knight, which guards your armor, tends to cast sleep and constantly attack while you are sleeping. This alone […]

Among the other eight, only Switzer and Jimmy Johnson posted

In fact, he’s one of only nine coaches from the last three decades who were hired as head coaches without the “NFL” acronym on their resumes. Among the other eight, only Switzer and Jimmy Johnson posted winning records during their […]

Boehner and his cronies have done nothing in getting

Blonde Republican Sex Kitten: Tess. Camp Straight: Henry. Covert Pervert: Henry, which may come as a surprise. Notable incidents include The Grade where he has put a topless picture of his former girlfriend as his screensaver and The Pidgeon where […]

He plays every rule for better or for worse

Paranoia is notable in that it’s one of the few tabletop games in which arbitrary use of Rule Zero is encouraged. The GM is allowed to fudge rolls, to let other plays fudge their rolls or fudge each other’s […]