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note It is repeatedly stated that a shuttle docking with a

That’s just what scientists do in fiction. They might go as far as trying out their incredibly experimental drug/strength ray/time altering device/etc. on a squirrel or something first, but the point is that they move onto human testing quickly, usually […]

The route had to be planned beforehand

Turning the whole shebang into a scavenger rally for charity, teams of drivers and navigators ended up driving near a thousand kilometres a day on some of the best/worst roads imaginable. Starting in the sky high city of Boulder, Colo., […]

The butler is helpful to everyone

The ’90s were arguably the peak of their popularity, since EelST recorded in this period some of their best selling and most successful albums, and went on to make numerous appearances on cult classic TV programmes, radio programmes and so […]

They seem never to study any non magical skills

In Ghostbusters (1984), two of the three original characters, Ray and Egon, are legitimate paranormal researchers that channel their knowledge into the business of “paranormal investigations and eliminations.” It’s not clear what Peter contributes to the research, if anything, though […]